Affordable Old School Concert Series Delivers A Night To Remember

The Wolf Creek Amphitheater was on fire Saturday night with the Affordable Old School Concert series.

Hosted by MC Lightfoot and DJ Jelly, the 80’s and 90’s jams kicked on all night.
The night started off with a set from Bobby V, performing his hits from “Slow Down”, “Angel”, and many more.
Next up was a rousing set from Kilo Ali, who brought a team of dancers on stage to assist him with performing his hits “Show Me Love” and even had a dance break to “Planet Rock”.
The night then took a smooth turn to the R&B groups. Silk was next to grace the stage, performing their hits “Freak Me” and “Meeting in My Bedroom”, causing the crowd to go wild.
112 took the stage next with a set of their hits including “Peaches and Cream” and “Cupid”. The R&B crooners even had the crowd light up the audience with their cell phones as they passed out roses and serenaded them.
Jagged Edge brought the show home. Coming out to their year 2000 hit “Let’s Get Married”, the crowd sang and danced along as they performed hit after hit until almost midnight.
Wolf Creek will continue with their summer concert series with The Funk Fest Aug. 20 at 6:30pm.

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