A3c Honors CeeLo Green and Killer Mike in Atlanta

The lights were shining bright for CeeLo Green and Killer Mike Wednesday night in the Loudermilk ballrooms. The two rap legends were honored with awards presented by A3c coordinators at an invite-only networking reception in Atlanta.

Killer Mike was awarded the A3c Social Impact Award, while CeeLo was awarded the Cultural Influencer Award.

“I’m happy, I care about this city. I’m happy this city cares about one another,” said Killer Mike. “I want to challenge everyone in Atlanta to get out and meet your neighbor, start a garden, or do something in the community. Don’t let Atlanta turn into another city where people don’t speak to each other.”


Guests were able to rub elbows with some of the movers and shakers of Atlanta’s ‘All 3 Coasts’ festival. They were fed and treated to an open bar.

“The atmosphere was great and so was the mixed crowd,” said Olivis Seymore of ChooseATL. “It gives us the opportunity to enjoy the ceremony and even catch up with old friends.”

The reception served as the kick-off for the week-long A3c Hip-Hop Festival in Atlanta, making 2016 it’s 12th year going. During this festival, up-and-coming as well as established artists and entertainment affiliates hold conferences and concerts to spotlight and celebrate Hip-Hop.

A3c will continue the festival with a weekend full of concerts from acts including Rick Ross, 21 Savage, Bone Thugs In Harmony, and many more. Register for the festival HERE.


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